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Story writing experience

On December 17, I tried story writing in my class thanks to a suggestion by my dear colleague Dinçer Demir. Until that time, I had never thought it would be that much fun. However, by trying it in the class, I realized that it can a really useful activity for all ages! 🙂

The link below will take you to the sounds which my students listened and then wrote their stories. At the beginning, I had given them 20 minutes but then they asked for some more time. It took nearly 40-50 minutes to write their stories. After they write their stories, I asked if they would let me use their stories here and got their permission to publish them here. After this post, I will publish each of their stories without correcting their mistakes since this is an activity for creativity (at least for me). (It depends on your purpose at the beginning.)

They were free to write anything they wanted. I told them to listen and write their own stories. There weren’t any expectations from them. therefore, they were really comfortable during the process.

You can also use this activity during a lesson, at the beginning of the day as a kind of energizer, at the end of the day, to motivate students to be more creative or to improve their writing skills. I didn’t correct their mistakes since it was an activity used to increase creativity and motivation in my experience. It depends on your purpose as I said before 😉

Thanks a bunch to all of my students who participated in the activity! 🙂

Thanks a million to Dinçer Demir! 🙂 If you want to get creative ideas like this, you can visit his blog.

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