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However, I have been living in Ankara for seven months I have just gone Hamamönü. I wish I had gone there before.Hamamönü has been reorganized and this reorganization is going on. There are old houses which were painted only white. I thought these houses weren’t being used but people are living in them which was surprising for me .Streets between houses are narrow and they are not capable of being used by big vehicles even by cars.Not letting even cars makes Hamamönü prettier and more comfortable for people,I think.During wandering ,I didn’t have to worry about cars or being crashed.And the other thing I like was different cafes,restaurants and small shopping centers(butiques).People prefer there to make their breakfast as these cafes are well-known for their breakfast,also pasta.I made my breakfast there and it was very good and nice with its peaceful atmosphere.*They are full of people at some certain hours;if you do not like being crowded areas I suggest you not to go there at weekends.After breakfast, I went Mehmet Akif’s house. I wasn’t aware that his house is here. People can enter the house,all parts of which are open to people with ney sound at the background.Inside the house,there is also a documentary about his life.You can watch it while you are wandering there.It was very nice and resting day for me ‘cause of Hamamönü’s relaxing atmosphere. 🙂


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