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We were in Gölbası for 5 days, but we didn’t know anywhere in Ankara .I and my roommates were bored in the dormitory. Thus we decided to go to city centre. Firstly, we went to Kızılay where everybody coming Ankara should see.It was so crowded as it is always. We entered Kızılay AVM and walked around all floors there.We weren’t used to being among a lot of people. Shortly, we don’t like Kızılay. We thought that we should find a quiet place ,so our next station was Hamamonu. While we were going there ,we saw Zafer Bazaar .However, we didn’t enter there because of crowd.After a while, we saw Abdi Ipekci Park. We stopped off there and chatted about things which we had seen at the same time.The thing which is interesting for us is that there are lots of beggars in streets .It is so bad.Finally,we arrived Hamamonu. It is so relaxing place and has an old-fashioned atmosphere .We visited tomb and Mehmet Akif Ersoy museum. Also, we bought something from cute shoppings .The weather was getting dark, so we came back to Golbası, our dormitory.


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