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Taboo in the Class!

Last year, I had one hour of free time in my two classes. Then I thought to make my students create something for themselves. That’s how I came up with the idea which was to make them prepare their own taboo cards! 🙂

I gave them small note cards and asked them to find 4 words from their coursebooks which was at elementary level at that time. I also asked them to find 3 words which were related to each main word and write them. The instruction was simple: Write these words and then bring them to me to check. They had 50 minutes to finish their task. If their words were the same with someone else, they were going to change them. Then, I added some energetic songs to our classroom environment and they started preparing those. During the lesson, they brought their words and I checked. Some of them found great words!

At the end of the lesson, I collected those cards. The next day, I did the same task with my other class. Then, I copied all of these words on the computer and printed them out. The last stage was puttig those taboo cards on colorful cardboards. Everything was ready!

The following week, we played it in the class. I divided the classroom into two groups consisting of 8 people. I explained the taboo rules and asked them if they wanted to add any other rules. They added one rule and we started playing it. You know what? It was fun! They loved it! While they were playing, sometimes they were saying “Who wrote this word for God’s sake?!” 😀 My answer was simple: You and your friends. Everything was their responsibility and their product.

If you have any free time in the class, you can try making your students prepare those cards. The result will be great 🙂 The age or level doesn’t matter. Just do it!



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