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SLTEP Pre-Service Event at METU

On October 17, I shared my experiences with my prospective colleagues. It was really nice to be there with them and see the gleam in their eyes!

You can find my presentation here: Riding a Flying Carpet in Teaching_ 


I spoke too much and I tried to share a lot in such a limited time. Thus, it was a bit boring, I guess. I should learn to manage time during those presentations 🙂 However, at the end of the presentation, a few people from my audience came and talked to me which made me so content.

A brand new experience 🙂


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IATEFL ReSIG Annual International Conference

Last month, Gediz University held a very beneficial conference for researchers to share what they had been doing in their own environment. Thanks to dear Dr. Kenan Dikilitaş, I was motivated to conduct research and present it there as a poster presentation.

It was my first research presentation ever so I was really nervous during the preparation process. My dear colleague Kenan Hocam encouraged me to try this new field in my career and he helped me so much before-during and after my research 🙂 First, we had a group on Facebook with two other colleagues and Kenan Hocam was a guide there. He helped me find an area to survey. Then, after choosing that area, I chose suitable tasks and planned my study carefully. As the next step, I applied those tasks in my classroom and thanks to my precious students, I received lots of constructive feedback. Finally, I was ready to share what I learned during the process 🙂

It wasn’t easy for me! I know I had many mistakes but nothing is easy… You will never know if you don’t have the courage to try 🙂 Also, once I saw the results, I decided to use classroom research as a part of my professional development. Hope to find or create a chance to spend more time on these studies 🙂

You can find more about my study here: My study

The conference program: Program

You can find more about this conference here: About conference



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Appreciation at work?

One of the most important motivational problems is appreciation at work. In fact, we want to be appreciated not only in our private lives but also in work environment.

We can achieve the first one by sharing our feelings with the people around us by letting them know we would like to get credit for our positive attitudes and actions. It is not so difficult as it may seem at the beginning. You can ask the people around you whether they are content with your behaviours and get the feedback immediately. If you think that this is too direct to do, you may show your appreciation to them. Then, they can follow your way and give you feedback 🙂

When the case is work environment, it is much more difficult to be appreciated. To be honest, I believe that people appreciate each other in the work environment but they are afraid of sharing this.  There can be  many underlying reasons of that, yet I think the most important one is the fear of making the other person flattered. We are jealous of each other as human beings so this is natural. However, we shouldn’t forget that everybody needs to know they are precious for a reason. Everybody needs feedback and guidance related to the way they do their jobs. Although everybody needs this, teachers are more dependent on this. We, as teachers, need to see appreciation; otherwise, we can find ourselves fighting against burnout syndrome. If you want to be appreciated as a teacher but don’t know how to do, please check the link below 🙂 There are some tips for us!


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Experiencing something new :)

Two days ago, I had two guests in my class. They were senior students from English Language Teaching Department of Middle East Technical University. Before I share my comments, I want to share the process we followed 🙂

As I mentioned here a few weeks ago, I attended SLTEP Alumni nearly 20 days ago. During the panel discussion, one of the colleagues, Dr. Deniz Şallı Çopur from METU, suggested that she could send some ELT students to preparatory classes of universities to show them what is going on in these classes. After the panel discussion, I said I would like to have these students in my classes 🙂 Then, we wrote emails to each other and arranged the schedule.

Then, finally, these two girls, Begüm and Tansu, were volunteers to come and observe my classes for one day. I was glad to hear that! We talked to each other about the procedure in the class and spent the day together! They loved my class and videotaped some of the speaking practices, took photos and shared their experiences in language learning besides department experience.

After the class, I asked them to give me some feedback about the day and they shared what they had observed. I told them they could visit us again any time they want 🙂 It was wonderful experience to welcome two future colleagues in my class!

I am looking forward to seeing some more people in my class soon! 😉


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Reflection: T-PLUS

Last weekend, I was in İstanbul to attend a T-PLUS event. T-PLUS is the acronym of TRAINERS’ PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND UNLIMITED SHARING. It aims to help trainers connect and share experiences/ideas with each other twice a year. This event was the 5th one since the organization was founded. It was held in İstanbul Şehir University on 7-8 November, 2014.

The theme of the event was collaboration so the sessions were planned accordingly. There were many colleagues from various institutions. We discussed how to collaborate with each other and set some goals until the next meeting. We suggested that we could collaborate with the people in our districts more easily so we should stay in contact with each other. For example, I live in Ankara so I talked to the colleagues who work at Hacettepe, ODTÜ, Başkent, and Atılım Universities for collaboration. We have many ideas to work on! 🙂 I will probably start by a new experience called team teaching. I heard it during one of the sessions so I feel really curious about it. I talked to a colleague who carried it out in her institution in the past. Since she  has experience of it, I am going to have some meetings with her and learn the principles of the process not to make any mistakes.

There was also a session about research. I have always been afraid of research since I think it’s a challenging process. However, Kenan Dikilitaş, dear presenter, motivated me to conduct a research in my institution and I started thinking about a problem to be discussed. I have also sent a brief questionnaire to some colleagues. They were either the ones attending a T-PLUS meeting for the first time or the ones who have been attending the meetings for a long time. Now, I am waiting for them to complete the survey 🙂 When I analyze the data, I am going to share the results here.

Another session which drew my attention was by Emrah Akkurt. He is an instructor and educational technologist at the same time. He shared how we could share our knowledge online like using hangouts, webtv, etc. I learned many useful things during his session and I envied him! 🙂

Two weeks ago, when I was at Sabancı University, I had learned that DELTA was now available in Ankara- it was only available in İstanbul until now. At the T-PLUS event, I met dear Simon Phipps who is the coordinator of ATI (Anatolia Training Institute) and I am planning to meet him some time to get more information about DELTA since I want to attend it as soon as  possible!

All in all, even though it was tiring to attend all the sessions, I feel more energetic than before and I feel like doing lots of new things now! Let’s get it started guys!! 😉

Here is the link for T-PLUS:

Here is the link to reach the session documents:

Here are some photos from the event 🙂

20141107_101314 20141107_122859 20141107_164847 20141108_110621 20141108_110625


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SLTEP Alumni

As I mention in my bio, I attended a trainer education program in 2012. It was a program called SLTEP (School of Languages Trainer Education Program) conducted by Sabancı University School of Languages for two weeks. There were three trainers and they shared lots of things with participants. I can say that those two weeks were probably the most enjoyable times of and for my career! I miss those days so much that I can’t find appropriate words for my feelings. Special thanks to dear Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken! 🙂

The program was so challenging that I felt the need to read many articles and search something all the time. Also, there was a lot of input related to classroom research, methodologies, giving feedback, technology, songs, etc. In addition to improving my skills as a teacher and trainer, I also met lots of special people from various institutions.

On November 1, there was an alumni organization for the participants of the years from 2004 to 2014. It was a great pleasure to meet more colleagues and share experiences with each other. Although it was a one-day event, there were many sessions to get new ideas.

Thanks to those precious people there, it was a pleasure to be there! It was so enjoyable and inspiring that we decided to have another organization again.

If you live in Turkey and want to become a (better) trainer, you can attend the program and feel the difference! For the ones who are interested:

I want to share some photos and a video from the event here 🙂

10610896_857859104237917_8996287148194329050_n 20141101_094027 20141101_100317 20141101_130345 20141101_132948 20141101_141946 20141101_142022 20141101_162133

Looking forward to the next event!!! 🙂

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Another fun energiser

In my previous post, I had mentioned a speaking activity which I was planning to use today; however, I changed my mind in the morning. Therefore, I can’t give you feedback related to it for now. When I try it, I will share my comments here.

I want to share another energiser activity today. It is really fun to use 🙂 For this energiser, I take my students out of the building to give them more space for the activity. I especially use it in the morning since most of the students are sleepy at that time of the day. However, you can also use it towards to end of the day to make your students energetic and ready to concentrate on the lesson again. Please have a look at the video below to understand the procedure not to make your students confused 🙂

By the way, I especially love the last part 🙂 Students are dancing and jumping around! The most important thing is nobody is sleepy after the energiser. If you use the activity with your students, please share your comments here.

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An energiser

I love using energising activities in my classes. They are university students; however, they still love doing something physically. Last year, I explored the video below and since then, I have been using it in my classes. I don’t prefer class environment for it. Instead of class, I take my students out of the building and we do it all together. It is a very fun activity for all age groups!


If you like trying new and enjoyable activities in your class, you may have a look at the link below. Also, if you happen to use, please use the comment section to share your ideas and experience 🙂