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SLTEP Pre-Service Event at METU

On October 17, I shared my experiences with my prospective colleagues. It was really nice to be there with them and see the gleam in their eyes!

You can find my presentation here: Riding a Flying Carpet in Teaching_ 


I spoke too much and I tried to share a lot in such a limited time. Thus, it was a bit boring, I guess. I should learn to manage time during those presentations 🙂 However, at the end of the presentation, a few people from my audience came and talked to me which made me so content.

A brand new experience 🙂


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Movie Club

I was teaching something about education in my class last week. There was a question in the book: Do you know any movies on education? When I asked this to my students, I realized that they are really into watching something. I stuck a blank sheet on the wall and asked them to write their movie suggestions there to share with their friends. Then I suddenly asked myself: Why don’t we watch these movies at school after classes? I shared this idea with my students immediately and said that we could stay at school one afternoon and watch one of the movies both from the list and included in top 250 movies in IMDb list. They loved the idea and agreed! 🙂

We started our “Movie Club” with that step. We held our first movie session last Thursday with “Snatch” by Guy Ritchie. We used English subtitles while watching. This Thursday, I mean yesterday, we watched “A Beautiful Mind” and they loved it! By the way, I share the movie I choose on Monday or Tuesday and they decide if they want to watch it or not. It’s not obligatory 🙂

I think these kinds of activities are helpful ways to improve their general knowledge, language skills and our communication with each other. My students are from the preparatory classes of English Language Teaching and English Language and Literature departments so they can understand English subtitles- at least they do their best to understand 🙂 They are also aware of the fact that they need more general knowledge so they are willing to join our movie days. I can suggest this if you have a chance. It works 😉

As for the third week, I am planning to choose either “The Shawhank Redemption” or “Pulp Fiction”. I haven’t decided yet. The best movie of all times or a Tarantino movie? A difficult decision is waiting for me! movie_club

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Experiencing something new :)

Two days ago, I had two guests in my class. They were senior students from English Language Teaching Department of Middle East Technical University. Before I share my comments, I want to share the process we followed 🙂

As I mentioned here a few weeks ago, I attended SLTEP Alumni nearly 20 days ago. During the panel discussion, one of the colleagues, Dr. Deniz Şallı Çopur from METU, suggested that she could send some ELT students to preparatory classes of universities to show them what is going on in these classes. After the panel discussion, I said I would like to have these students in my classes 🙂 Then, we wrote emails to each other and arranged the schedule.

Then, finally, these two girls, Begüm and Tansu, were volunteers to come and observe my classes for one day. I was glad to hear that! We talked to each other about the procedure in the class and spent the day together! They loved my class and videotaped some of the speaking practices, took photos and shared their experiences in language learning besides department experience.

After the class, I asked them to give me some feedback about the day and they shared what they had observed. I told them they could visit us again any time they want 🙂 It was wonderful experience to welcome two future colleagues in my class!

I am looking forward to seeing some more people in my class soon! 😉


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A conference announcement!

I met lots of new colleagues at an organization last weekend. One of them, Ray Wiggin, was from Abdullah Gül University in Kayseri. While I was checking my facebook  account, I realized that he just shared their conference announcement on Facebook. As far as I can see, the program is not certain yet. However, they are calling for papers. The theme of the conference is Blended Learning into Autonomy. If you are interested in participating in the event, you had better visit the web page below for further information. 🙂



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Today, I was too tired to do something in the class and I needed some energy! Then, I decided to use the energiser in my pocket 🙂 I took my students outside and we had so much fun. Having a video of the activity was suggested by one of my students by the way. I would like to add that I got permission from my students to share the video here 😉 Finally, I am the one who is giving instructions 😀 (There are a few Turkish words; apologies for that.)


There were cars and people passing by but I realized that while watching the video 😀

I am so lucky to have such willing students to do something new all the time. They inspire me every single day! Thank you guys!


Here is the link:


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Reflection: Getting the whole class talking activities

I had shared a poster on October 10 related to speaking activities and promised to share my experience with you. Now that I have time, I can do this 🙂  (

I used the second activity-the experts- in the poster last week. My students had a lot of fun thanks to it! I explained the process and then asked for volunteers. There were five volunteers! We arranged the class as if it was a TV show and they were guest speakers in my show. The rest of the students were the audience of the show 🙂 I took the experts outside for a few minutes so that we were going to decide their field of expertise with the audience. The audience chose a topic: Relationships. Then, I called the experts and others asked their questions. It was an enjoyable and easy activity to be used in class since the experts weren’t stressful. I asked my students’ opinions after finishing the activity and they said they enjoyed it and want to use it again the class! 🙂 After getting that positive feedback, I used the activity with another class and they said they loved the activity, too! So guys, I can suggest you to use it in your classes 🙂



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SLTEP Alumni

As I mention in my bio, I attended a trainer education program in 2012. It was a program called SLTEP (School of Languages Trainer Education Program) conducted by Sabancı University School of Languages for two weeks. There were three trainers and they shared lots of things with participants. I can say that those two weeks were probably the most enjoyable times of and for my career! I miss those days so much that I can’t find appropriate words for my feelings. Special thanks to dear Deniz Kurtoğlu Eken! 🙂

The program was so challenging that I felt the need to read many articles and search something all the time. Also, there was a lot of input related to classroom research, methodologies, giving feedback, technology, songs, etc. In addition to improving my skills as a teacher and trainer, I also met lots of special people from various institutions.

On November 1, there was an alumni organization for the participants of the years from 2004 to 2014. It was a great pleasure to meet more colleagues and share experiences with each other. Although it was a one-day event, there were many sessions to get new ideas.

Thanks to those precious people there, it was a pleasure to be there! It was so enjoyable and inspiring that we decided to have another organization again.

If you live in Turkey and want to become a (better) trainer, you can attend the program and feel the difference! For the ones who are interested:

I want to share some photos and a video from the event here 🙂

10610896_857859104237917_8996287148194329050_n 20141101_094027 20141101_100317 20141101_130345 20141101_132948 20141101_141946 20141101_142022 20141101_162133

Looking forward to the next event!!! 🙂

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Using comics in the EFL classroom

While I was checking the latest webinars, I came across this webinar announcement. I have always thought of using comics in my classes but I haven’t come up with a creative idea and opportunity yet. That’s why, I am curious about the content and looking forward to learning more about the topic.

Comics are parts of students’ lives so using them in our classes may help us to motivate our students and make them participate in the lessons more willingly 🙂 The presenter says that he is going to share materials for all ages and levels which makes the webinar more beneficial. The webinar will be held on November 5, 2014.

All you need to do is:

1. Click on the link below.

2. Become a member (free)

3. Wait for the webinar time 🙂

From webinar description:

“Using comics in the EFL classroom is a terrific way to incorporate the target language in a fun, engaging way. This webinar will demonstrate the universality of comics for any language classroom, showing how multi-skill comic activities can be used with students of all ages and ability levels. Webinar participants will experience several materials they can use in their own classrooms: they will learn how to use comics as an effective, real-world formative assessment measure and as a springboard for vocabulary and grammar acquisition. ”