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As you know, there is no term as sitteaching. However, some of our colleagues assume that they teach when they sit, don’t make eye-contact, don’t use intonation, etc. Is it possible to teach like this?

I wasn’t planning to talk about that today but facebook showed me a video that I shared five years ago! Here is the link to the video:

When I watched the video, I thought our students are aware of everything we do and don’t do! Mostly they seem as if they are not following us in the lessons-especially nowadays with spring mood!- but indeed they are. However, it is easier for us to complain about their mischievous behaviours rather than paying attention to their body language or ideas. Sometimes all they want is attention.

As a person, I don’t like moving or doing any sports at all but as a teacher, I can’t stop walking, running or jumping in the class :))) My students mostly say “hocam, how can you be so energetic? What do you drink in the morning to get that energy?” I just smile as an answer. I believe real teachers are born to be active in the class. When the teacher is active, students feel an urge to be active. When I sit, I am bored so isn’t it normal for a student not to want to be a part of education process?

Of course we might be tired! However, even our tone of voice can help us at that point. We should share our energy with learners! But what if we don’t want to do anything as a teacher?

First, we should find something we are interested in as a person and do it more often.

Second, we should get more fresh air which will make us more positive and give us energy.

Third, we should ask for new teaching ideas to colleagues, forums, or read some research-which is boring to me!

Then, we should ask our learners what they want to see in the class.

Finally, we should brainstorm about these and then start an action plan.

Seriously, it is not as difficult as it seems! Just start from somewhere and you will find yourself in the middle of production and creativity.

How did I come up with these steps? I have been in that process for the last few weeks :)) Nowadays I feel much closer to producing something and now I am writing here 🙂

Come on, stand up or sit down and start somewhere! A teaching term is too short  to wait for the inspiration ship to come to you so go for it!



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We were in Gölbası for 5 days, but we didn’t know anywhere in Ankara .I and my roommates were bored in the dormitory. Thus we decided to go to city centre. Firstly, we went to Kızılay where everybody coming Ankara should see.It was so crowded as it is always. We entered Kızılay AVM and walked around all floors there.We weren’t used to being among a lot of people. Shortly, we don’t like Kızılay. We thought that we should find a quiet place ,so our next station was Hamamonu. While we were going there ,we saw Zafer Bazaar .However, we didn’t enter there because of crowd.After a while, we saw Abdi Ipekci Park. We stopped off there and chatted about things which we had seen at the same time.The thing which is interesting for us is that there are lots of beggars in streets .It is so bad.Finally,we arrived Hamamonu. It is so relaxing place and has an old-fashioned atmosphere .We visited tomb and Mehmet Akif Ersoy museum. Also, we bought something from cute shoppings .The weather was getting dark, so we came back to Golbası, our dormitory.


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However, I have been living in Ankara for seven months I have just gone HamamönĂŒ. I wish I had gone there before.HamamönĂŒ has been reorganized and this reorganization is going on. There are old houses which were painted only white. I thought these houses weren’t being used but people are living in them which was surprising for me .Streets between houses are narrow and they are not capable of being used by big vehicles even by cars.Not letting even cars makes HamamönĂŒ prettier and more comfortable for people,I think.During wandering ,I didn’t have to worry about cars or being crashed.And the other thing I like was different cafes,restaurants and small shopping centers(butiques).People prefer there to make their breakfast as these cafes are well-known for their breakfast,also pasta.I made my breakfast there and it was very good and nice with its peaceful atmosphere.*They are full of people at some certain hours;if you do not like being crowded areas I suggest you not to go there at weekends.After breakfast, I went Mehmet Akif’s house. I wasn’t aware that his house is here. People can enter the house,all parts of which are open to people with ney sound at the background.Inside the house,there is also a documentary about his life.You can watch it while you are wandering there.It was very nice and resting day for me ‘cause of HamamönĂŒâ€™s relaxing atmosphere. 🙂


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University is the biggest change in my life.It’s totally new thing for every new student. You need to get use to everything and it takes time. Frankly speaking, i do not like Ankara and i do not think i will love.Its weather condition is suck.I have been here nearly for 5 or 6 months , i do not know, and i visit only one place becasuse threre is noting here to do and attrack me.The first place i visited here is Hamamonu.My roommate said ‘’lets go’’ then we went.It is really good place but as a student we had to walk for a while to get there ,because we do not want to spend money.I do not remember when i went there and i cant say a lot of details about this lovely place.I liked threre.It was beautiful.These old looking houses are really have some effect on people.Mostly i liked our poet Mehmet Akif’s house.It absolutely should be seen.Luckly it was sunny in that day and we really enjoyed.For people there are a lot of cafee in there if you want you can sit and have some conversation with your friends as we did.I recommend this place even i dont like Ankara.


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Simit DĂŒnyası

Each week , I go Simit DĂŒnyası with my friends and because of being close to metro , it is easy  to reach there. This cafĂ© has a really good atmosphere , we prefer it when we need to talk about a serious issue or  to do our group homeworks , it is almost never neither noisy nor crowded . The only thing you can hear in this place is the playing songs . There are a lot of food options such as cake , pasta and pizza. I strongly recommend its mixed pizza by the way.   Also you can drink both cold and hot beverages such as coke and soda or Turkish coffee and or tea.

On the other hand I want to tell you my the only bad experience about this place , when we went there one month ago , one of my friends asked for a small box of ayran but waiter said there is no small box of ayran . And my friend said ” When we were here the previous week , I asked for a small box of ayran and you said there is no , why don’t you remove it from the list ? ” and the waiter said ” Even if you come after ten years , we won’t have them ” .

When this case happened , it really irritated us , but these days whenever we remember this event, we can’t stop laughing . Also when we are trying to ask for ” Let’s go Simit DĂŒnyası ” , instead of saying it in a normal way , we say ” Let’s drink a mall box of ayran ” and everyone understand us .


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My friends came to Ankara/ GölbaĆŸÄ± to see me for weekend.The journey from GölbaĆŸÄ± was a bit complicated .The destination was Çankaya.Busses from GölbaĆŸÄ± to Çankaya was very crowded and also roads were chock-a-block so journey took much time than ever. Between five and seven are rush hours so be careful about time management .If you don’t have to go somewhere in the city , you should stay at home about these hours. After going off the bus , we saw a great monument in front of me .To enter the Anıtkabir , I had to pass some security steps. After passing these security steps ,finally we managed to enter the monument garden.While we were going to basic monument ,we saw lion’s status each side of the road. Road name was also the road with lions. After passing the road with lions ,we saw great monument which is the greatest monument in Anıtkabir because it was the representative cemetery of Mustafa Kemal AtatĂŒrk. The greatest leader of the World was lying there in front of us .We were so excited to see that scenery.This monument’s architecture was really impressive and absolutely beautiful . Its architecture was so great that you can’t keep your eye off the monument.While we were visiting this great monument , it was getting darker and darker so we had to go to dormitory before getting dark because if it was getting dark , possible dangers were bacoming apparent.So be careful about pickpockets and rapists in dolmushes ,busses and roads.You should visit there if you come to Ankara.


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From Adana to Munich

I have been in Comenius Project in September 2013 . Our journey beginned with the flight to Adana to Ankara. It was my first flight experience and I was expecting something much more terrrifying than we experienced. I found it kinda weird at first yet, later it turned to an enjoyment for me. We landed Ankara Esenboga Airport but we had to wait a couple hours so we decided to wander in airport. Number of duty free shops were pretty much and they hade affordable prices. However, I definetely don’t advise you to eat anything from airport shops ‘cuz they are two times more expensive than normal prices.When it’s time to go Munich we had a longer flight then the other and the airport company offered us dinner. The company wad Luftansa and I liked their services. After this delightful flight we landed in Munich. I was really impressed since the airport was so developed and huge. Our teachers arranged a taxi and we went to our hotel around 8pm. It was my day, because first abroad and flight experience i had experienced. I was really tired when I went to hotel so I quickly fell asleep as soon as I get inside the bed.


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I visited to Kızılay Square when I had just come to Ankara. Kızılay, which is a neighbourhood in Ankara, is mostly known for its crowded streets, shopping centers and some events. Moreover, it is one of the lively places in every hour of the day in Ankara. The access to Kızılay Square from the inter-city bus station is very easy and takes just 15 minutes to arrive there. When I got to there, a huge crowd and lively streets welcomed me. It was amazing due to its vivid air. The houses were well-designed and most of the shop logos had eye-catching style. While I was walking down the streets, I realized that if I had got lost there, it would not have been so easy to find the way. As the sky got darker, I decided to sit in a cafe. Many people were having fun by playing games and chatting with their friends. The places which suit to all the budgets can be found in Kızılay. In the evening, while I was wandering around the Karanfil Street which is the most famous street in Kızılay, I saw many salesmen preparing their benches to sell cheap goods. The night in Kızılay was as lively as the during the day. I enjoyed a lot there. If you have enough time, Konur Street and BĂŒyĂŒlĂŒ Fener are worth going.

Hilal Nur GÜLER

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Ulus Gençlik Parkı

That day was a important day for me because ı had a profeciency exam.I got on bus.And then a girl whose name is Feyza got on the bus.She asked the driver how she can go to Gazi University.I heard this question and ı said ‘ I am going to Gazi university, ı can help you.’We went there together.After the exam we met and decided to go to Ulus Gençlik Parkı.When we got off a minibus, we saw the park.We were very impressed.We entered the park and we saw camelias.We sat five minutes.Then a friend of mine, who was my elementary school friend, called me and he joined us.We visited the park.It was incredibly beautiful.We saw a pool which was ewtremely dirty.And we visited amusement park in the park.Then we went a camelia which was located near the pool.I looked around and realised that the park was really crowded.We took a lot of photos.And we said goodbye to my friend and returned our dormitories.

Nefise Gizem AKSOY

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Botanik Park, Ankara


I arrived about an hour Botanik Park. Its location was in Çankaya, Ankara. I started to travel from Batıkent via Metro and Ego Bus. After a really tiring short journey, the scene was worth to seeing. Its scene was absolutely perfect. When I saw the landscape, I felt that I was purrified from the city stress and got rid of exhausted people. There were a lot of bench for resting for a while and also picnic area for families. Those sites were completely green. Its atmosphere was fresh and I heard the noise of birds. Everywhere in that park made people peaceful.Botanik had a greenhouse. In the greenhouse, flowers were planted perfectly thats why I felt like being in a part of heaven. I wandered through inside of the park, I saw a big garden for children and a wonderful pool. They seemed really perfect beacause they completed each other. Moreover,  Atakule which was very famous in Ankara, can be seen and you drink a cup of tea while wathcing this beautiful scenery. Just try it and enjoy! 🙂 


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