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IATEFL ReSIG Annual International Conference

Last month, Gediz University held a very beneficial conference for researchers to share what they had been doing in their own environment. Thanks to dear Dr. Kenan Dikilitaş, I was motivated to conduct research and present it there as a poster presentation.

It was my first research presentation ever so I was really nervous during the preparation process. My dear colleague Kenan Hocam encouraged me to try this new field in my career and he helped me so much before-during and after my research 🙂 First, we had a group on Facebook with two other colleagues and Kenan Hocam was a guide there. He helped me find an area to survey. Then, after choosing that area, I chose suitable tasks and planned my study carefully. As the next step, I applied those tasks in my classroom and thanks to my precious students, I received lots of constructive feedback. Finally, I was ready to share what I learned during the process 🙂

It wasn’t easy for me! I know I had many mistakes but nothing is easy… You will never know if you don’t have the courage to try 🙂 Also, once I saw the results, I decided to use classroom research as a part of my professional development. Hope to find or create a chance to spend more time on these studies 🙂

You can find more about my study here: My study

The conference program: Program

You can find more about this conference here: About conference



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Mini research on the effects of T-PLUS

As I mentioned before, I attended an event by T-PLUS held at İstanbul Şehir University. I was inspired to conduct a mini research related to participants reasons and inspirational results during it. Here are the results 🙂

The survey was sent to fifteen people who joined the 5th T-PLUS Event held at İstanbul Şehir University on November 7-8. There were twelve people who completed the survey.

There were five questions included in the survey. These are:

  1. Which T-PLUS meetings did you attend?
    İzmir University of Economics December 21st, 2012
    İzmir Yaşar University, May 4th 2013
    Ankara TED University, Nov 15th . 2013
    Girne American University, Cyprus, May 2014
    Şehir University, İstanbul, November 2014
  2. Why do you attend T-PLUS? You can write more than one reason.
  3. Do you think the last T-PLUS meeting has inspired you to do something professionally?
  4. If your answer is “yes” for the previous question (Q3), can you share the areas you want to apply something new?
  5. If your answer is “no” for question 3, can you share the reason(s)?

Note: The first question doesn’t require only one answer. The participants were expected to choose all the answers suitable for them.

The answers for the first question can be seen below:

As we can see by looking at the answers, the participants were mostly new colleagues. Only one of them attended the first event of T-PLUS and only two attended the second. That’s why; we can conclude that the collected data mostly refers to new members of the organization.

As for the second question, the answers are:

  1. First, my institution told me so. Then I made a quick research and I really wanted to join it.
  2. To meet colleagues, to improve myself professionally
  3. In our school we don’t have a PD Unit. Since we want to initiate one, I see T-Plus events as a great source of ideas for this specific reason. As for my personal reason, I want to improve myself in every way, both personally and professionally.
  4. To improve professional skills.
  5. To help improve teacher training in Turkey. To share expertise and experiences. To collaborate with teacher trainers who do not have access to many developmental activities.
  6. To exchange ideas and suggestions about Professional development in ELT 2. To be aware of what’s going on in other universities concerning TT 3. To build up a network of TTs all over Turkey
  7. *I believe in the spirit of communication, negotiation and collaboration. *We have had teacher training practices for 6 years after I attended SLTEP2009. *To share the best practices and learn from each other.
  8. to share experiences get feedback/help or my duty collaboration (see what the other universities practices)
  9. To learn about the latest trends in professional teacher development and keep up to date with them. For sharing new information with our colleagues in our institution.
  10. In order to meet new people and benefit from their experiences in the field.
  11. To check out for recent developments in PD. To establish new networks
  12. In order to improve my PD skills and exchange ideas with the friends

When we look at the answers in detail, apart from the first answer, all the reasons are related to participants’ personal and professional development reasons; in other words, intrinsic reasons. In fact, the first participant’s answer can also be included intrinsic since after searching the event, s/he was also willing to participate in it. As it is clear in the answers, most people participate in T-PLUS events since they want to improve their professional skills and benefit from the experiences of other colleagues. Establishing networks and meeting new people follow these reasons. We can conclude that participants join the events willingly and by being aware of their expectations. Moreover, we can also say that collaboration gets a big share, too.

The answer for the third question was the same for all participants, which is “yes”. Then, we can start analyzing the fourth question since it is related to the inspiration in the previous question.

  1. I want to apply “self assessment via peer observation”. Also I will share the idea of forming a reading club to meet every Wednesday. Another thing is I realised that in my institution, mentoring for new teachers is not enough.
  2. It’s inspired me to increase technology usage in the classroom and to integrate more components to my teaching
  3. 1. Buddying for new teachers. 2. ”I have got talents” workshops. 3. Some technological tools or websites from Nezaket Hoca’s presentation.
  4. No answer available.
  5. I feel that I can do more to provide online resources and training for teachers or teacher trainers in Turkey.
  6. -Involving our teachers in Teacher Research activities in collaboration with those in other universities -Dealing with teacher resistance in the light of the suggestions made in some sessions -Introducing some technological tools that can be used by our teachers in their classes.
  7. Team teaching seems appealing in that both teachers feel equally responsible for the delivery of the lesson and the observation.
  8. peer observation in a self evaluation format (Aslı-Utku’s presentation) Action/Teacher research in collaboration with Kenan Hoca (Gediz University)
  9. Working in a team with my colleagues to set up a PDU in our institution. Giving presentations on the subjects summarising our experiences in T-PLUS
  10. We are a developing university and we’d like to learn what our colleagues do in their institutions. It was lovely to meet new people from different universities and share our problems. We want to build a Professional Development Unit in our department.
  11. some ideas from the workshops: Personal development, using padlet
  12. We will apply group reflection. A couple of teachers will be moderated by an experienced teacher and feedback on various issues will be provided.


If I want to summarize the biggest pie, it can be technology use. There are five answers related to it.  Participants are encouraged to use technology either in their own teaching or sharing what they learned with their colleagues via workshops. The second thing can be collaboration in their own institutions to set up new opportunities and regulations like peer observation, team teaching group reflection, reading club, and helping teachers share what they have in their pockets (“I have got talents” workshops.) These are all related to improving the teaching and sharing standards in each institution. Another inspirational topic is obviously research. Thanks to the session by Kenan Dikilitaş, some people are motivated to conduct teacher research in their institutions. We can look forward to the results of their work 🙂

Furthermore, if I compare the results by using the participation as a criterion, I can’t see much difference among people’s reasons to attend the event and inspirational reasons.

To sum up, I want to thank everyone who completed the survey 🙂


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Reflection: T-PLUS

Last weekend, I was in İstanbul to attend a T-PLUS event. T-PLUS is the acronym of TRAINERS’ PROFESSIONAL LEARNING AND UNLIMITED SHARING. It aims to help trainers connect and share experiences/ideas with each other twice a year. This event was the 5th one since the organization was founded. It was held in İstanbul Şehir University on 7-8 November, 2014.

The theme of the event was collaboration so the sessions were planned accordingly. There were many colleagues from various institutions. We discussed how to collaborate with each other and set some goals until the next meeting. We suggested that we could collaborate with the people in our districts more easily so we should stay in contact with each other. For example, I live in Ankara so I talked to the colleagues who work at Hacettepe, ODTÜ, Başkent, and Atılım Universities for collaboration. We have many ideas to work on! 🙂 I will probably start by a new experience called team teaching. I heard it during one of the sessions so I feel really curious about it. I talked to a colleague who carried it out in her institution in the past. Since she  has experience of it, I am going to have some meetings with her and learn the principles of the process not to make any mistakes.

There was also a session about research. I have always been afraid of research since I think it’s a challenging process. However, Kenan Dikilitaş, dear presenter, motivated me to conduct a research in my institution and I started thinking about a problem to be discussed. I have also sent a brief questionnaire to some colleagues. They were either the ones attending a T-PLUS meeting for the first time or the ones who have been attending the meetings for a long time. Now, I am waiting for them to complete the survey 🙂 When I analyze the data, I am going to share the results here.

Another session which drew my attention was by Emrah Akkurt. He is an instructor and educational technologist at the same time. He shared how we could share our knowledge online like using hangouts, webtv, etc. I learned many useful things during his session and I envied him! 🙂

Two weeks ago, when I was at Sabancı University, I had learned that DELTA was now available in Ankara- it was only available in İstanbul until now. At the T-PLUS event, I met dear Simon Phipps who is the coordinator of ATI (Anatolia Training Institute) and I am planning to meet him some time to get more information about DELTA since I want to attend it as soon as  possible!

All in all, even though it was tiring to attend all the sessions, I feel more energetic than before and I feel like doing lots of new things now! Let’s get it started guys!! 😉

Here is the link for T-PLUS:

Here is the link to reach the session documents:

Here are some photos from the event 🙂

20141107_101314 20141107_122859 20141107_164847 20141108_110621 20141108_110625