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Story writing: A story by Hayrettin Şener

I must run faster. All security of prison and police are following me. Thanks to dogs I can’t trow my off the track. I can heard their voice. Anyway, after this swamp there is a farm where my father and me gave there for buying milk 13 years ago.  Oh my god this frog voice get me crazy. Shuuuttt down. I can’t stand this. What is it? I don’t believe in my eyes. This is a van. I can escape with it easily. Oh no it’s not working. Maybe this forest can hide me. But I’m afraid of it. Whenever I go to forest, I heard some strange sound. There is no choice. I have to go there. Due to trees there is too dark. I’m scared. Is there something? Oh my god this is a ghost.

Oh what was it? Thanks God it’s just a nightmare. I think I need to drink water. I guess, I can’t sleep again. Oww the clock is ringing. It’s time to ring gong. I have to hurry up. There are a lot of works today. Pope is coming our church.

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Story writing: A story by Dilara Saygın

One night, Huhubat hears strange voices in her house.  She so scares and she calls her husband. He comes but cannot hear anything. Her husband thinks that she loses her mind because they try to have a baby for years. Every night, she hears that strange voices. In the end, she decides to go to “Hoca”. She goes “Hoca”. Hoca asks to Huhubat whether someone curse to her. She thinks but cannot find anyone. She gets unhappy and goes from Hoca’s house. When he passes the narrow street, she sees someone. Someone who is so familiar to her. She closes to him. She trie to catch him but she cannot see his face clearly. When she touches his face, she sees a baby. Huhubat asks to him who is this baby. The man answers “This baby could be yours. But you cannot have a baby anymore.” Huhubat understands who he is. He is Hamdullah. He comes back for revenge. She starts to cry. She begs to him. Hamdullah forgives her. She has a baby. She gives a name Hamdullah for her baby. When Hamdullah grows up, he fall in love someone. But the girl loves someone and Hamdullah commits suicide. So, don’t take oppressed’s curse, it goes from without hurrying.

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Story writing: A story by Feyza Yağcı

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy in a town. The poor boy was living on his own.One day, he decided to hunt in the forest which was next to his home. While he was wandering around, he heard a sound. He wondered and started to to walk towards the sound. While the poor boy was following the sound, he couldn’t realise that the sun was going down.

When he noticed it, it had already been night. The poor boy was alone in the forest and he was scaring. At that time, he saw a hut. At the beginning, he was scared to go there, but then he was really curious. When he approached the hut, he said:

“Hey, is there anyone?”



Silence again.

He decided to go in. All he saw in the hut was just a chair. Except for it, there was nothing. The door being left open suddenly closed. The poor boy heard a wolf cry after he had seen the door closed. The wolf was crying in front of the door and the boy couldn’t know what he should do. Suddenly he heard a human voice.

“You’re a werewolf, son. You were born this way.”

As soon as the voice had been vanished, the poor boy turned into a werewolf.

After a month, the poor boy was used to be a werewolf when there was full moon. But he was upset. He hadn’t got any friends since he became a werewolf. In the evening, fading away the full moon’s effect, he went out to get some fresh air. In the forest, he came across a girl sleeping under the tree. The girl was so beautiful. The poor boy thought he had never seen a girl like this before.

When she opened her eyes, she started to talk.

“My name is Summer. Who are you?”

The boy was shocked. Summer was talking to him as if she was blind and couldn’t see the boy’s wolfish face.

“Weren’t you scared of me?”

Summer didn’t look be frightened.

“No, why am I scared of you?”

The poor boy said “Because I’m a werewolf.”

The girl said ” So what? I’m a ghost.”

The poor boy realised the differences aren’t so scary. They are what they make us.

After that, he hugged Summer and said “Thank you.”


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Story writing: A story by Esra Sadıkoğlu

Emily was studying for many hours without realizing time. When she raise her head, she realized the time. It was  nearly midnight. “That’s enough” she said. “It would be better for me to sleep.” After a while, she went to bed., she heard the dos’s barking. She tried to ignore them but she quit. She decided to feed the dog. While she was preparing food, she was grumbling that “You were a greedy dog. You didn’t know what being full up is.” When she turned towards the door, it opened with a noisy creak. She just stopped a while and said “Did I forget to lock the door? Anyway I must feed the dog otherwise it wouldn’t stop barking.” As soon as she got out her house, surrounding became silent. She could only heard her heart beating.  “You naughty dog, where were you?” She couldn’t hear anything again. “I brought you some food.” Suddenly she began to hear voices. The howls of wolves, chuckles of ghost, screams. Emily tried to close her ears but she couldn’t move. She was sobbing and praying. “What was going on? Oh God please help.”

In the next room Anne heard screams. She woke up and run through her friend’s room. Emily was crying and moaning. She looked as if someone choking her. She woke her up immediately. “Emily, Emily, woke up! It was just a nightmare” But Emily was in shock. Anne went to kitchen and fill the glass with water. Emily drank the water. Anne asked “What did you saw Emily?”. Emily said “I didn’t want to talk about it Anne. All I could remember was I decided to feed our dog.” Anne stopped for a while and asked “Our dog? We don’t have any dog Emily”

To be continued…

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Story writing: A story by Nazlı Yeşim Ömercioğlu

She was walking in forest when she heard little blue frog’s sound. Even though she was expecting to see him, she was scared because she knew that there was something with him that she couldn’t understand. The moment she saw him, blue frog’s color started to change very quickly from blue to red, orange, even pink. There was something (which) he tried to tell her. At first she didn’t understand but then, she saw what’s wrong there. Someone like a man with state behind a tree was watching her. She start to run away from forest to barn. She overturned buckets, and horses began to whinny as they saw her running in a rush with afraid. The man were following her, too. Until she came her fiancee’s  bedroom, the man was lost among door sounds. Then, she reclined the scene in her fiancee’s room. He was cheating her with her best friend! There was a death silence in bedroom. Suddenly, she came herself and she began to applaud as if she knew it before. She went near bed and said that they would pack their whole stuff and go out of her house as soon as possible! with cold bloodliness. After they left the home, she felt peaceful and started to think about the blue frog and the man. She decided to go for walk in forest until she (would) meet them again. During a long time, she continued to walk in forest, however she couldn’t meet them again. And she believed they were a message from her dead parents.She wanted to believe and she planted full of flower in forest.

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Story writing: The Mysterious Room by Seda Şahiner

The little girl was captived in a church where has been in a forest. When she was born, she was kidnapped by ghosts who live in forest. Since then she has been staying in there. One day when the weather is dark, she heard a sound.  the sound was coming the mysterious room, which was locked for not entering inside, and she came closer to that room but while closing, she was scaring. Suddenly, she heard that  sound again and yes, it was a woman’s screaming. Perhaps, she was injured. The little girl wanted to enter the room but she knew that the room was banned. If she had entered the room, the ghosts would have killed her. So, she stood for a while and began thinking. But there was no time for thinking, she had to hurry up to save that woman. At that time, she noticed a lock on the floor. Without any hesitation, she took it and unlocked the door. There was a beautiful woman who was wearing white dress. She was captured from her throat. The little girl saved the woman immediately. They hold each other’ hands then they ran away. While they were running, there were a lot of sounds inside the forest. However, they didn’t give hear these sounds. One of the sounds belonged to a ghost. If they had noticed that voice, they could have escaped. But, unfortunately, the ghost appeared in front of them and it said “You can’t escape from me!” They were shocked and they couldn’t do anything. Later, the ghost took the little girl and took off through the up. And the woman was screaming “Don’t take my daughter from me again!!”.

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Story writing: A fearful camping by Merve Göçmez

In a happ Sunday, Emily and her friends went to camping to the forest. They had fun so much, but they didn’t realize that it was night and dark. In the dark they couldn’t find the way and lost. There were a lot of scary sounds which Emily and her friends always heard in the movies. Dog barking, owl, any kind of birds… They felt frightened, but still they went on walking. Suddenly Emily saw a little house in the middle of the trees. She said her friends:

– Guys! There is a home, let’s go and stay there tonight. Otherwise,we will die because of cold or we will be food for the wild animals.

Everyone agreed with Emily and walked through house. While they were opening the door, it was rasping in a fearful way. Emily and others heard more fearful sounds in the house. It was like ghost laughter. One of the girls started to cry when she heard a wolf outside. All of them was afraid but they were trying to be cool. They stayed there till the morning without sleeping. When the sun rose, they immediately left the home. And they went to church directly to pray and ask for forgiveness from God. Finally, all of the children went to their home and hugged their parents. None of them talked about that night. They became Muslim and went to mosque every day.

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Story writing: A story by Sümeyra Tomruk

It was dark night. Jelly was writing her assessment in the garden. Then she suddenly started to hear some unusual voices. She could not understand what was going on. After that, she decided to look. She went back her home. By the way, horrible things began. Doors were opening and closing again and again. Lights were on and off again and again. She was so scared. then a man appeared at home. He was screaming, too. Jelly’s heart beat so strong. Suddenly, he jumped over her. She wanted to escape. But she could not manage. He said “time is up”. She did not understand. Everything was confusing. Then the man gave up hurting her. He sit up and look his watch. And he turned into a wolf. He was about to eat Jelly. But he heard a baby voice. And he suddenly ran away from the gate. Jelly was so confused and did not know what is that baby. There was no baby at home before. She followed the voice. And she heard a woman was breathing…She went on and saw her boyfriend and a stranger woman on their bed. She realized that she was cheated. The baby was theirs. She felt very upset and started to cry. And she left the house and decided to find the wolf man. She wanted to revenge and marry him. She was determined, and she would turn into a wolf by marrying the wolf man. And she started to look for him. And she found him ans she said she fell in love with him. And, she was bited and turned into a wolf woman. She returned back home with her new boyfriend who was the wolf man. After that, they made a plan. They ate her ex-boyfriend, the woman and the baby. Everything changed. The wolf woman and the wolf man began to live there. They were happy and relax.

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Story writing: A story by Aslı Sonkaya

One morning I and my friends decided to go for a walk in the forest. First of all we had our breakfast and then left home. While we were going, we were singing songs. The Sun was shining, birds were singing and frogs were shouting. Everything was so good that none of us realized that sky became dark. After that, we decided to go home but while we were trying to find our way, suddenly we were lost. Everywhere was dark, dogs were barking and wolves were howling. It was so scaring and all of us were scared and the moment we heard their voices, we started to run as soon as possible. As we were running, we were out-of-breath. Everybody was inhaling and exhaling deeply. After some time, we found a hut and thought that it could be a safe place to rest so we decided to enter the hut. One of us knocked door but nothing happened. Eventually, we opened the door and at that time clock started to beat. When we heard it, all of us screamed and run away different places. Our heartbeats were so fast that they almost could be heard from everywhere. That night everybody slept in different places with some fear but when it became morning, we could find each other. Finally we went our home and took a few deep breathes. From that day forward, we decided not to go for a while in the forest.

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Story writing: The Man Hunter by Yiğit Buğra Aydın

The Man Hunter a.k.a. John Mason. He is an ex S.A.S. 3 years later after he retired, his family was attacked. But only he survived.  He swore the God that he will find those men and take his revenge. Since then he has been killing.

While John was walking on the back alleys of New York,he heard a scream. He followed the sound and find it. A robber was trying to rob a woman. He sneaked behind the man and grabbed him. Then, he smashed his face on the wall. The robber fell. He kept bending him and broke the robber’s fingers one by one. After he finished bending the man, John asked the woman:

– Are you okay?

She said: You are insane!

Then she ran away from there.

John was not surprised because that wasn’t the first time he encountered with this kind of attitude. He kept walking and saw a very suspicious car. Some punk-looking men got off the car. John didn’t like it. The men got inside a building. John decided to follow them and see what they are up to. He broke the basement’s window and jumped inside. The guard dogs heard the noise and started to bark. But they couldn’t track John. John find an iron pipe to use it as a weapon. He heard sounds of a man and woman in the basement. Followed the sound and he saw that a man raping a woman. He hit the man’s head and the man’s head was blown. Woman shocked for a second and thanked him.

John said “It’s been a long time since I last heard it.”.

John made his way to the upfloors. He saw a man watching TV. And there was a table near the man. On that table there was gun.John moved silently and took the gun. Then, he grabbed the gun and point the gun to his head. He said: “Don’t do anything stupid, or you get it”. Man said: “Okay”. He wanted some information about the building (How many people there are, how many of them armed etc.). After he got the information, he broke the man’s neck. In the next room, there were 4 punk. John knew that. The moment he opened the door, he started to shoot and took them down. The other men who heard the gun shoots, came to the room. John took over and there was a firefight. Between those men, there was the gang leader. John just let him live in order to interrogate…

To be continued…